For us it's about real moments. Holding onto them, creating something that lasts.


We're creative destination wedding photographers India

We are Inspired With Light & Human Connection

“Emotion is the true substance of wedding photography” and we at Your Wed Stories strongly believe in the same. Wedding photography to us is to witness your beautiful story and capture it with its true essence. We listen to what you want and then create beautiful memories of your dream wedding.
We are an artistic & humanist Mumbai, Goa & Udaipur Destination Candid Wedding Photographer. We capture weddings in a cinematic and documentary style to make you feel all the emotions from this special day through our photos and film. We feel lucky to photograph weddings and witness love stories all over Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, Jodhpur , Pune and all over India also Interniationally . Being able to capture stories, meeting awesome people and discover new places for 10 years now is really amazing!
Our passionate team is experienced in professional Indian wedding photography and best cinematography that loves to capture and preserve the most beautiful of emotions experienced around. We are creative artists, and also interns to introduce new ideas to the mix. We have never shied away from mixing and matching styles, texture, and color. We tend to just go with what feels right. The team is ready to travelled to countless wedding destinations all across India and South East Asia and will be ready to reach at your preferred location anywhere you choose. We do not take up multiple Local or Destination wedding projects and we like to give personal attention to each project both before and after the shoot.
​Fun, Energy, Emotion we capture the real moments that you'll look back all over again in our photographs & Film.
We feel like each Couples is unique and therefore each wedding ceremony should be unique. BE UNIQUE!!!



Founder / Director of Cinematography

Harsha Sawnani

Founder / Creative Director

Dilip Tripas

Co - Founder / Director of Photography

Frequntly Asked Questions


What sets you apart from other companies ?

We have been told by our beloved clients our dedications and hardwork reflects in our pictures. You'll notice a smile on our face while capturing the moments. We believe that being friends with our clients gives us a upper hand and helps us bring out the best in you, which result in a magical output.


Where are you located? Can I book you for my wedding other city in india or abroad?

We fell in love with the beautiful city of lakes udaipu..and Moved in city of dream Mumbai. However we’re specialized in Destination Weddings. It’s a pleasure to travel there where the best day of your life takes place. We are experienced concerning bookings abroad, e.g. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, Kerela, Raipur, Italy , France, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Mexico,, South Africa, California, Mauritius.. and for the future we´d love to travel many more countries.


How much pictures to you give?

You will receive the best photos of your wedding day. Usually we deliver between 800 – 1500 images per day, depending on the booked days.


What kind of Equipment do you use?

We work with professional Equipment. We use our three Fujifilm Xt3 bodies. This equipment is combined with different fixed lenses. Of course we also use flashes if necessary.


Would we be able to get some bride and groom shots?

A series of images with the newly married couple is a great addition to any wedding story. We highly recommend planning around 30 minutes into your day to allow for these type of photographs. Ideally, if your day allows, sunset is the perfect time to create such images as the light is softer. Our goal here is to create natural looking images that don't looked overly posed and contrived but strengthen the story of your wedding day.


Is there a need for traditional photography and videography?

Well, the answer depends on you. We can never guarantee that all your guests will be covered in our candid images and videos. In these our focus is mainly on the bride and groom and other important family members and friends from both the sides and that is what we believe candid is all about. Years down the line, you would never want to see candid shots of random guests.However, if you feel that the elders in the house would want to see each and every guest, the food and absolutely anything and everything related to the wedding then you should hire traditional photographers and videographers too. Just let us know and we will get them along, of course at an extra charge. Please note that for extensive traditional photography and videography requirements like your wedding reception ( a stage and and extensive posed group shots) you do need a separate traditional team.​


Can we choose the pictures that go into our album?

Yes, depending on the number of pages in your album, you can choose 150 of your favorite
images. Every album is custom designed to be 100% unique and will include a combination of your favorite photos and ours. Second Album is charge extra.


When will we get the photos and videos after our wedding?

We deliver your video 8 to 12 weeks. If you order a wedding album you should allow 6 to 12weeks for the album design and delivery.


Can we meet before booking?

Of course, we love to get to know new people and couples. If you are living outside of Mumbai or Udaipur or abroad we can skype/FaceTime as well.


Will our trailer and same day edit be exactly the same?

No! The trailer will be an extended and add on version of the same day edit trailer.


How do we reserve our wedding date?

A 50% non-refundable deposit & signed accepted contract is required in order to get your wedding days on the calendar, the remainder of the balance is due for the last shooting day.

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